My Book: The Introduction

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Aricka, my loving daughter,  You are about to leave the comforts of my presence and go on a tumultuous journey. I have faith that you can handle this life. I am going to put you through more hardships than you believe you can handle but that is only because I know you can. I know what you will become if you choose to learn and grow from these hardships. The hard times will challenge you and try to pull you into a dark direction and it will, if you succumb to it.  The hardships will not stop throughout your life but I am going to bless you with a strong will and a burning desire to help others. That desire to help, will overpower any fears or hesitations you face. You will tragically lose close loved ones but you will power through those tragedies and develop a strong testimony, that I do live. I bless that you will be able to see others who are in pain or need help and you will be equipped to help them with their hardships and losses. Heavenly sisters will seek you and know that they can reach out to you for help. 

You will see things as a child that no one should see and you will feel alone and scared but know that I will be with you. You will hear my voice of warning and you will hear my guidance. If you follow my promptings and move forward with faith, I promise you, you will be a great force in the world and I will not let you fall. 

When you are on earth, please help my children to know that I love them and I watch over them. Help them to love themselves and see that they are children of a King. Help them to see their power and to not listen to the lies Satan whispers in their ear. I see their trials and the pain they are facing and I am with them. I hear their pleas and their cries. Please let them know that I have equipped them with the same gifts I have given you. Tell them to listen to my voice and follow my promptings. 

You will overcome great things in your life for this one mission, to help others. I love you and bless you on this crucial, tiring, long journey. 

I have faith in you.  

Love, Your Father in Heaven