“Baptism” chapter

I have decided to “leak” or share some of my book as I write it. I figure doing this will hold me accountable to finish. My attention span is that of a cat, so I need to basically hold my feet to the fire and publicly embarrass myself if it doesn’t happen. Not healthy but very effective.

This is an excerpt from a chapter. I am not even sure which chapter yet. I have all the puzzle pieces lined up but I haven’t created the picture yet. This is a nonfiction book. It is going to be a book about the hardships I have had in life that I chose to turn into great life lessons. This is obviously a rough draft. We all have to start somewhere. If we are always too scared to share then the knowledge or hope that we could potentially spread to others will never happen.


I had to dig for it in the bottom of a moving box that had been sitting in my closet for a year. That box was kind of a catch all for all the things I didn’t want to put away. I opened the dusty book and started to read. 

I had this overwhelming power come over me and I fell to my knees and cried with joy. It was as if something entered my soul, heart, and brain and I could no longer hold myself up. I knew that this was a pivotal point in my life where I was either going to turn my life over to God or I was going to die. Those were my options. I was an “all or none” girl and He knew it. The next message I heard has forever changed my life. 

You need to be baptized.

I did not hesitate, I grabbed the phone book (yes, I am that old. We did not have smart phones “back then” ) I picked up my phone, with the long stretchy cord of coarse, and I started calling all the LDS churches in MESA ARIZONA!! DID I KNOW THAT MESA WAS HIGHLY POPULATED WITH LDS CHURCHES? NO! 

Being that it was the middle of the week and late in the evening, no one answered my desperate phone calls. So I did what any one who is desperate to live would do, I called the number on a pass along card that I had stuck in my Book of Mormon. A pass along card is a card that missionaries hand out, it normally consists of a picture of Jesus on it and a  1-800 number to call for a free Book of Mormon. It is not to find missionaries. 

I know this now. 

The phone rang, “hello.” 

“I need missionaries!”

Well,…that was the wrong thing to say to that poor kid. I could feel him perspiring through the phone. He was more excited than I was. I can only imagine what the letter he sent back home to his family said. 

Dear Family, the spirit was so strong with me today. A random crazy girl, that obviously needed Jesus called and asked me for missionaries! This is such a great mission…send more pop tarts…

He was so frantic that it caused me to calm down. I wanted to be like, Look kid, I don’t know where you are or what you are on but you better quit it. You may just die living a fast hard life.

 Later I found out that I had called the Missionary Training Center (MTC) for the LDS church. 


I went to work the next morning feeling different. I felt like I had been trying to find my way through deafening darkness while carrying weights, simultaneously being punched in the face and then all of sudden the lights were switched on and I could see. I no longer felt like an MMA fighter was following me around  and I knew that life was going to be easier to handle.

My Book: The Introduction

Photo by João Cabral on Pexels.com

Aricka, my loving daughter,  You are about to leave the comforts of my presence and go on a tumultuous journey. I have faith that you can handle this life. I am going to put you through more hardships than you believe you can handle but that is only because I know you can. I know what you will become if you choose to learn and grow from these hardships. The hard times will challenge you and try to pull you into a dark direction and it will, if you succumb to it.  The hardships will not stop throughout your life but I am going to bless you with a strong will and a burning desire to help others. That desire to help, will overpower any fears or hesitations you face. You will tragically lose close loved ones but you will power through those tragedies and develop a strong testimony, that I do live. I bless that you will be able to see others who are in pain or need help and you will be equipped to help them with their hardships and losses. Heavenly sisters will seek you and know that they can reach out to you for help. 

You will see things as a child that no one should see and you will feel alone and scared but know that I will be with you. You will hear my voice of warning and you will hear my guidance. If you follow my promptings and move forward with faith, I promise you, you will be a great force in the world and I will not let you fall. 

When you are on earth, please help my children to know that I love them and I watch over them. Help them to love themselves and see that they are children of a King. Help them to see their power and to not listen to the lies Satan whispers in their ear. I see their trials and the pain they are facing and I am with them. I hear their pleas and their cries. Please let them know that I have equipped them with the same gifts I have given you. Tell them to listen to my voice and follow my promptings. 

You will overcome great things in your life for this one mission, to help others. I love you and bless you on this crucial, tiring, long journey. 

I have faith in you.  

Love, Your Father in Heaven