The Great Move

Zara’s new room

When you pray for an answer from God, do you listen to the answer?

Sometimes we pray and we want an answer so badly, but we forget to listen for the answer, or we don’t really like the answer so we keep praying for the same thing. Praying for your weaknesses to become strengths and then not wanting any challenges is like wanting to get fit, but just standing in the gym looking like a creep. There is some action that needs to take place in order for your prayer to be answered. There is also humility that needs to be had for your answer to be fulfilled.

About a week ago I was praying for guidance with my 16 year old daughter. She is smart and beautiful but needs a little more guidance right now as she navigates through high school and friends. I also needed guidance so I went to my parent, in prayer.

I prayed and received an answer that I really didn’t want to “hear.” I thought, that is a lot of work and she is going to be flipping mad! She is already mad and I don’t even know why?! This isn’t going to go over well.

The answer I received… was to move her out of her basement room, that has a bathroom in it mind you, to upstairs. To upstairs with her dad and I and her 2 little sisters who love her so much that they annoy the ever living crap out of her (6 & 4). To make the situation a little bit worse, she would be going from having her own private bathroom to sharing a Jack and Jill bathroom with her little sisters. (insert face slap)

So as you can see, I did not want to listen to the answer I so earnestly prayed for. But it kept daunting me as I continued to pray for guidance. You already got the answer Aricka, either listen, or deal with it.

So, about a month ago, I casually mentioned it to her and she casually wanted to rip my head off and asked me, why am I ruining her life and wanting to make it harder for her?

Well, you know, I am a little bored right now. So I thought I would: completely pack up the girls playroom FULL of toys and a huge playhouse that you have to disassemble to get out the door, pack up all their toys in the closet stacked on shelves, without an inch of shelf space to be seen. Then move all my workout equipment so that I can now make that the girls playroom area, and then help you pack up your room, take apart your very heavy wooden bed, move up your even heavier dresser, all while you plotting to blow up the world, pack up your bathroom and your closet, that are both packed to the max.

Yea, I need a hobby,

After that exhausting converstion, I let the moving thing drop for a bit because as you can see, it was not just an easy move. Then finally, just yesterday actually, I felt this desire and determination to make it happen. So while she was at school, I started packing up the little girls play room. I left her room alone. I packed all day and tried to find spots for some of the girls toys. Which meant, I had to clean out their bedroom closet. I cleaned the shared bathroom and made it look cute, so when Zara saw it, it was a little more inviting.

When Zara got home I said, come look at the girls bathroom. She came in and said, wow it looks so cute and clean!

Phew…thank you. Prayer in my heart, prayer in my heart.

Then I said, I wanted it to be cute for you. I then sheltered the vital parts of my body. But no blow, instead she said, and I quote, “I am actually excited to move up here.” Who are you and what have you done with my daughter? Are you excited to be up here because you plan on stabbing me in my sleep and now you don’t have to climb stairs to do it? Are you excited because you are closer to the kitchen? This was the complete opposite reaction then when I brought it up the first time.

Nope, she said, this room has better lighting for Instagram posts.


So here we are today, the girls playroom is emptied and cleaned. They now have an extensive part of the basement dedicated to their play things. Kingston, who kind of got the shaft on rooms when we moved in, will now be moving into Zara’s old room. All of my workout equipment with be moving into Kingston’s old room and Zara has brought up 4 pairs of pants… What can I say, her excitement didn’t mean speedily.

So remember, when you are praying for help with something tough, you may not like the answer but God knows best. He knows the bigger picture that we are not seeing yet. Just rip the bandaid off and deal with the answer. If you want the help, take the heavenly guidance. Have some faith and trust in his words. Or in this case, have a lot of faith and trust!

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