Keep Going

Lately, I have been getting up early to do scripture study. I have tried this before and then would quickly come to terms, that I am not good at “scripture study” because what does that even mean?

Someone once told me, “Well, pick a word in the bible dictionary and then read all the scriptures attached to it.” That way did not keep my ADD attention. So let me let you in on a little secret.

The Book of Mormon Made Easier FOR TEENS edition by David J. Ridges!

Apparently I need Dr. Seuss like books to help me understand scriptures. What if I read right past something that could be detrimental to my soul? I can’t have that happening. With this “hooked on phonics” study guide, I spend most of my mornings thinking, “Oh, I didn’t know that.” Or “Aricka, you should have known that.”

A. B. C. D. YAY!!! Then I move on. Nothing to be ashamed of for too long.

But I am trying, right? That is what counts, try to be better. Strive to be better and when you don’t feel like it, give yourself a break, you are human. But don’t stay there too long.

I want to leave something here with you that stuck out to me in my “readings” this morning.

“Truly, there is no other way to heal the wounds of broken relationships or of a fractured society than for each of us to more fully emulate the Prince of Peace. Let’s consider how to begin a thoughtful, deliberate, and intentional pursuit of becoming as He is by gaining the very attributes of Jesus Christ.” -Scott D. Whiting

If we want GOOD change, this is where it starts. We have to hold ourselves accountable to be more like the Prince of Peace.

P.S. My post picture is of the other books I use to study, volume 1 and 2. They would be perfect Christmas gifts!

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