My Book: Marriage

Here is a little piece of the Marriage chapter in my book. I am not gonna lie, it is getting harder and harder to keep writing. I am down to the detailing and it’s a lot of mental work. This chapter is meant to be a little more lighthearted than the others. My life wasn’t an easy one, if it were I probably wouldn’t be writing about it.

Hmmm, marriage… why would I add a marriage chapter to my “turning hardships into strength” book? Marriage is a piece of cake with frosting on top. 


NO! Marriage is a slam to the face everyday with that cake and it’s not even your favorite flavor and you don’t eat one single bite of it and still gain weight! 

Lets just take a moment of silence for Dan real quick. 

I started to take marriage and family courses online from BYU-I. I quickly learned that Dan should have turned around and ran after meeting me. I really should have been introducing myself like… Hello, my name is Red Flag. I would like to say that Dan was led by the spirit of God and was told that I would make a wonderful wife, but I am a realist and I am sure my face, and the rest of me (wink, wink) had a little something to do with that date request. If I followed my ancestry line down far enough I have no doubt I would find some Sirens in there. My great, great, great, great, great grandmother used to lure sailors with her song and beauty into her lair and eat them! No crossing the plains over here people!

According to the experts, Dan and I should already be divorced. We did not have the same upbringing, social status, came from different social classes, we were young when we got married, and we were of the same faith but I was new to that faith. I had only been baptized for a few months before I had met Dan. I was for a lack of better words, a gamble. 

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