Book: childhood

Here is a little piece of my childhood chapter, rough draft. This chapter has been the hardest to write so far. My dad passed away a couple years ago and I loved him dearly. As a child I don’t think we realize that our parents are dealing with their own battles in life. I love both of my parents even more knowing the demons they were fighting while trying to raise my brother and me. It is not easy to raise a human when you’re living in our own hell.

My childhood was like the Hogwarts ride at Universal Studios, it was pretty fun and exciting but most of the time you just felt like puking and then when it was done you were left dazed and confused; not sure if you want to subject yourself to that whiplash and motion sickness again. 

It was not an ideal childhood but it was exactly what I needed to mold me into the person I am today. My parents tried their best, my mom especially tried to keep my brother and I in a “normal” environment for a long time. My dad worked at my grandparents Mexican restaurant, he was such a talented cook. He was incredibly friendly, outgoing and when he was at work he worked so hard. I think as kids we forget that our parents are human. They have trials and hard times. They had a childhood that maybe wasn’t so great that you don’t know anything about. Or maybe they became addicted to something before you were born and now they are trying to be a parent and fight off that demon. We don’t t realize that parents are people too, until we grow up get our own lives and think, crap I have to raise kids and deal with my own battles. My parents were not made for each other. I would like to go back in time and do the exact opposite of what Marty McFly did for his parents. There will be no “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance for you two! Don’t even look in her direction. I know by doing this I would completely fade out of the picture. 

What kind of person would I have become if I didn’t go through the refiners fire? I can tell you I probably wouldn’t have gone looking for God. I probably wouldn’t have covenanted to be a disciple of Christ. Satan and his “good enough” plan has high conversion rate.

My dad had such a kind heart. He would literally give you the coat off of his back. He was liked by everyone and had this ability to make the best Mexican food. His laugh was big and contagious. When you heard it, you couldn’t help but smile. My mom was young, beautiful, and tough. She went through a lot being married to my dad. My dad was kind and loving when he wasn’t drinking. There were too many times to count, my mom, brother and I packing up and leaving after one of my dads drunken blow-ups. It is hard for me to write about my dad because I don’t feel like you as a reader could really grasp at just how amazing he was at times. Also with me being an amateur writer, I find it difficult to convey that my drug addicted dad was also one of the most loving humans I have ever come in contact with.

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