How I Pick What I Write.

Starting a blog was as comfortable for me as being interrogated by the mafia while being filmed in front of the world holding my pee.

Putting myself in any kind of vulnerable situation is against my “Aricka Code” of surviving, and my mind starts to take over. The ridiculous hypothetical fails I have played over and over in my mind is real and paralyzing. I actually died in one them. My mind is a little crazy. Don’t let that deter you from listening to my wise advice though. (Wink,wink)

What I did to get over that fear was to remember my mission in life. In order to help others I needed to get over myself. I have been blessed with LOADS of trials, yes blessed, and have been blessed to learn from those trials.

How do I know what to write about?

I don’t.

I listen to my heart and the spirit of God to guide me with what topic needs to be written. Somewhere, someday someone is going to need this post and God is listening to your prayers.

I write on subjects that are personal to me and I that I am VERY passionate about. If I can’t back what I say, I won’t write it. If I can’t tell you why I believe a certain way with great passion, then I won’t write it. I have lived most of these stories.

I have a great desire to help those who need to read these words. So much that I would take mafia torture to do it.

I believe when we know in our hearts that we have a great mission here on earth, our own anxieties and fears will take a backseat to that stay at home mom who is struggling with life and marriage contemplating suicide and needs an answer to a prayer.

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