What I Did to Stop My Bully

I was bullied by the same girls for 4 years!! I kick myself thinking about that now. They would throw little pieces of gum in my hair so that I couldn’t feel it and it was an absolute nightmare to get out. They would call me really horrible names loudly in the hall in front of a lot of people. I would put my head down and walk away. I let it go on for so long! I let it!!

Then 9th grade happened. All the middle schools in my hometown went to one high school. This was somewhat of a new start. Everyone is together and everyone is smiling and happy. Then one day my bullies walked by me and the ring leader called me a horrible name in front of all my new friends. (I will spare you the name but it rhymes with hunt. I know! Like the worst name!) I was so embarrassed and wanted to cry. For years I put my head down and walked off. I would be scared walking away, hoping that my back turned wasn’t an open invitation to be pushed or hit.

But something in me that day snapped. I remember thinking, I cannot let this happen here. I can’t do this anymore. I turned to my bully face on. Heart was POUNDING!! And I said, “Let’s go bitch!” The look on her face was terror! She looked at me in shock.

My whole body, mind, soul was ready for this fight I was ready to take her out. Pinned up anger from all the years of bullying and from my crappy home life about to be unleashed on this poor, poor girl who had no clue!

I looked at her and she looked at me with absolute fear in her eyes. I am pretty sure she could see her bruised and battered future in the reflection of my eyes. She looked terrified.

I waited for her to make a move. I was ready to pounce. But, to my surprise she put her head down and walked away. I didn’t have to physically fight her.

I know it wasn’t just the words coming out of my mouth that caused her to cower. My whole body was fully cocked and loaded in that comment. I was fully committed to kicking that girls ass.

If I would have whispered “Let’s go bitch” and then wet my pants while biting my nails, I have a feeling things would have gone differently. My stance, my stare, and my whole energy told this person that I’m done being the target.

I’m not condoning fighting. I know that if it can be worked out with words that would be the better route. The crazy thing is that, I didn’t even have to fight my bully.

What I did was have enough faith in myself to stand up and say, NO MORE! I believed in myself so much that my presence took care of the rest. I stood tall and straight on and didn’t show any signs of backing down. My mind was in it and my body followed.

Our personal energy we give out can be so powerful! We witness this when we are watching energetic people like Tony Robbins or Rachel Hollis. People are drawn to their energy and want to be around them. They lift others up with their energy.

Negative energy can do the same. Negative people can bring you down. Bring your energy completely down into a state of depression. We need to be mindful of who we are surrounding ourselves with.

If you happen to be living with a negative person and can’t get away from it, that does not mean you have to fall into that trap. You can CHOOSE to not listen and fall victim to the negativity. Keep telling yourself,

I can do this!

I can survive!

I will not be the victim!

I will take ownership for my own outcome.

In the end you will be left with your life, not them. You can’t blame anyone but yourself for not standing tall and fighting off your “bully.”

It really is all a choice.

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