Just a Few of My Favorite Things

Buying gifts for friends and family can be SOOO HAARRRDDD! All the guessing and the headache! Everyone has their own style and hobbies. So here is a well rounded list of some of my favorite things that I love to help shopping a little easier for everyone. I am no Oprah so all these gifts are reasonably priced.

All I gotta say is, Dan, you’re welcome for giving you a list of all my wants. Love you honey!

(This post will be a dead give away if Dan reads my blog or not. To be continued…)

I just bought this set the other day at Target and the shaving cream smells SO good. The razor is also pretty awesome. I normally can’t tell a huge difference in razors but this one I could feel the difference.


One of my favorite candle brands! I am a candle junkie! I have way too many but I love them.My favorite scent by Voluspa is Yashioka Gardenia.
Spiritual Gangster is one of my absolute favorite brands. All of their clothing is soft and well made. I have this sweater and it is so soft!.
Vitajuwel- I do not own one these, but I got to drink out of one at this amazing 5 star spa in Park City. The bottles hold different types of crystals that vitalize the water.
I bought one of these last summer, and they are great at dispersing scent evenly throughout the house and the capsule lasts forever. Each capsule lasts about 800 hours.
Who doesn’t love a good organization book? And do you follow these guys on Instagram? The Home Edit has the best organizational tips.
I have this bowl from Mcgee &Co and it is so awesome in real life. It is big, I didn’t realize how big it was until I got it. It brings a nice natural element to the home.
This is another product from Anthropologie and a safe one. All women love hand soaps and lotions in a cute caddy.
One of my favorite things to buy are pajamas. I could live in these!
If I had to pick my #1 favorite product from 2019 this would be it. A good friend introduced me to this brand and I have been hooked ever since. The product smells so amazing and it leaves your skin feeling so soft.


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