Her Story: #2

Sadly , there are times when we need to have a tragic event happen to make us want to choose to live a better life. There are those that crawl into bed and give up on life and then there are those who see that they need to rise up and power through the struggles. 

This story is a power through.

Losing a father is never easy especially when you’re already fighting tiring battles.  Keep this movement going, always keep your desires and the outcome for your family in the front of your mind. God can help you overcome any trial. Pray and ask God for help, ask His ministering angels to surround you and your family. Your dad is also cheering you on and whispering in your ear,  keep pushing through, you can do it!! I have faith in you!!

These stories are to help others, not to be criticized, judged, or looked down on. If I see any comments that look even a bit judgmental I will remove them and block you. This is your only warning.

Describe yourself:
Loving, caring,  overly sensitive

What are your biggest insecurities? 
Being emotionally unstable and having others leaving because I’m unstable at times

What are your biggest fears?

How do you get through your fears?
Pray my children look at my accomplishments and what I have going for 

If married, what are the biggest struggles you have in your marriage?
Trust, not with cheating but to trust one another to not leave and not relapse

How do you get through those struggles in your marriage?
Communication,  be there to support one another so no one ever feels alone 

What is a trial that you feel alone in? 
Dealing with my dad’s death

How do you get through that trial?
Realize his biggest dream was me sober and happy and to live that life

Have you ever had something traumatizing happen to you? If comfortable sharing, what is it?
My cousin molested me

Do you feel like you are alone in life? If the answer is yes, What do you think could help you feel not alone?

I used to until I realized that was my mindframe and that was my thinking

What advice would you give someone going through similar trials? 
That no one’s ever really that screwed up to be alone someone’s always been through what they’ve been through and know exactly how they feel they’re not alone

What are your biggest blessings?
My husband and my children and as much as it kills me to even say this, I feel maybe my dad’s death saved me from a very dark road got me on a new path and that kills me because I just wish he was here and it just hurts me to think he had to die for me to see that.

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